Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Final Week!

It is amazing to me how quickly the past month has gone. I feel like we just started class at 105 Degrees, but tomorrow we already have our written final and on Tuesday we present our final menus! So in an effort to begin studying, and stop procrastinating, I present you with a photo "montage" of the past week.

Shitake Pagoda...

Raw Chocolate Truffles! I rolled them in different toppings such as Maca, Mesquite Powder, Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs, Pistacios, and Cinnamon/Cayenne... This recipe is incredible and so basic. It's just cacao butter/coconut butter, raw cacao powder, and agave nectar... No artificial ingredients or refined sugar, just pure food!

My finished kombucha! I made grapefruit, blood orange, ginger pear, citrus ginger, and a citrus pear ginger combo... These taste AMAZING! I basically just juiced fresh, organic fruit and added it right to the kombucha - 1/4 juice to 3/4 kombucha. Can't wait to get two more batches started!

Mango Tres Leches Cake... This didn't turn out quite how I would have wished, but my partner Brad and I tried to cut down a bit on the coconut oil and agave to see what would happen. The cake was a bit on the dry side - surprise.

I'm so excited to present the final project on Tuesday! We were required to create a three-course menu - no limits - to be critiqued by our class and instructors. At first this felt incredibly daunting and overwhelming, but I quickly found my flow and came up with something that I feel both encompasses the season and tastes awesome.

I'll be working on the dehydrated elements of my menu tomorrow and then finish up the rest Tuesday afternoon so it will be all set for dinner Tuesday night... Pictures will, of course, follow!

Wish me luck!


tracyewing said...

Hey Annie,

I have not been on your blog for a bit, so wanted to check in. Everything looks awesome. I am anxious to see how your final plating went yesterday. I am sure you will be posting the finale' soon. Thanks so much for sharing. Love, Mom Ewing

Michal said...

Hi ann! I just found your blog and I want to say that it is really awesome. When I get older I plan on taking these courses at the 105degrees academy. Reading about your experiences only gets me more excited!

Good luck on your final :)